The Lone Crusader

The Lone Crusader

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  1. Sally says:

    Hi Sanjeev

    I read IMBB mostly for fun. I think I will be soon hooked to this blog. I personally looooove photography. Do you need an expensive camera to click good pictures.

    B/w – the pics are fantastic!!!


    • Sanjeev says:

      Hi Sally, yes and no. I am realizing more and more that good photography is about capturing moments than about performing extreme tricks (for which you might need an expensive camera). There were good photographers in old times even when DSLRs weren’t there. So no, you can capture great moments even through simple DSLRs.

      That said, sometimes you need precise combinations of shutter speed, ISO and aperture to get that perfect shot. And that may not be available in a normal DSLR…but you need to reach that point to learn the limitations of your camera and know that why you require a better one. You’d have already become a good photographer by then. :)

  2. Ramya says:

    Sanjeevji, I am more of an admirer of photography, though am not a photographer myself :) And this pic is awesome!! :)

  3. Aru says:

    i so agree that its also about capturing the right moments than having an expensive camera but ya an expensive camera always helps :) I am quite excited to see the pics you put up since all the previous ones have been so awesome. I personally like taking pics of people most of all. even more than scenery.

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