The Big Bang

The Big Bang

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  1. chars says:

    This pic makes me say— Happy Diwali…. to everyone on IMBB, Faux Pas and of course The Shutter Snapper.

  2. Shruti says:

    Looks fabulous! Yesterday we spent atleast an hour to get a shot like this..but in vain :(
    EXIF info please??

    • Sanjeev says:

      Out of all the pictures here, this is THE most difficult shot, though the viewers will not feel so. The shutter speed needs to be very high (so that the flames are not a blur of white light), and then you need a very high ISO in order to shoot this in the dark. Combined with this, you need to wait for some cracker like this to shoot up and start clicking pictures at the right moment. And you need ‘high speed continuous shooting’…

      Will try to find the EXIF data but this is the basics of shooting a light source at night. Will write a post with examples soon. :)

      • Shruti says:

        Thank you so much Sanjeev! :)
        Yes we tried all kinds of tricks! But somehow we just couldnt get the perfect shot! :(
        And as far as the fireworks were concerned, there were plenty of chances! The sky was ablaze! :)

      • Chars says:

        Thanks for sharing information. Just googled ISO, and read about it. Using your guidance I will try taking pics in night with different ISO, to make out the difference with every click.

      • Chars says:

        Thanks Sanjeev & once again I shall say- “This photograph is fabulous”.

        • Nandini says:

          That is so true, Sanjeev! When I used to live in Delhi thr was this guy who would burst like more than 20 of these nonstop, and I’d go to the terrace and click on burst mode. The results were amazing – I got so many unusual shapes and colours!

  3. Ramya says:

    OMG!! That looks so beautiful!! :) I can imagine how difficult it must have been, bcoz my friend made me burst so many crackers to get a shot like this but it was too blurry all the time..

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