Bitterness Bottled?

phenyl seller

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9 Responses to Bitterness Bottled?

  1. Priyanka says:

    Hello Sanjeev ,
    I hav been following ur pics from start ……..loved ur many capture………….wanted to know abt this picture ……loved the blue shop wit yellow stuff been selled ……

  2. neha says:

    ahhhaha luving the caption…and this is straight out of malgudi days :P

  3. geet says:

    following ur photography from long…its terrifcly superb….this pic definately has old world charm… :)

  4. reema says:

    Hello Sanjeevji , i really love your shots … which cam do you use? nd also which lenses?

  5. Preethi R says:

    Loved this pic the most out of that series. Intriguing.

  6. neha singh says:

    well captured… im reading this blog since a year… but only today did i take tym to see d pics.. all of them r amazing.. d timing of ur clicks is wht makes d pic so enthralling… happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D treat for my eyes… :)

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